Karoon Tco. was established in 1972 in the same building of where the head office is located now. Its main activity was importing day-old chicken from Europe. Karoon tco became one of the leading companies in this field. With changes in air taxi services due to war in 1981, the line was switched to veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Using our expertise in International trade and the network of local Veterinary Hospitals, clinics, farms and husbandries, we rapidly grew to become one of the major importers of Animal Health products.

Registration, importing, marketing, promotion, distribution and technical after sales service of selected veterinary pharmaceuticals and biological from several European countries is a major part of our company's activity, in which we have succeeded in national and international level.

In 2005, we were ranked the second importer of poultry vaccines in terms of dosage.

Our mission is "In partnership with veterinary in service of national food product".